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4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14.000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

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NOVEL REVIEW WORKS The Birds Manyar Y.B. Mangunwijaya

novel burung burung manyar karya romo Mangun

novel burung burung manyar karya romo Mangun

Book Title: The birds Manyar
Author: Yusuf  Biliarta Mangunwijaya
Publisher: Djambatan, Jakarta
Mold: the 11th, August 2001
Thickness: 262 pages
From an early age and Larasati Setadewa friends. Brajabasuki named Setadewa father, a captain in the Royal Netherlands Army Indisch (KNIL), Royal Netherlands Indies Army. His mother was Marice, a female descendant. Born as a child Setadewa Kolong, child soldiers living in barracks. Setadewa have Teto nickname, while Larasati Atik name. Small Setadewa time, the Captain did not leave tracks Brajabasuki lost when the era Japanese population. Then the mistress Marice Japanese army, although he did not want it. But he was forced by circumstances, if you do not want to be a Japanese soldier’s mistress, the husband, father Teto will die.
As an adult, Teto desire choose to be the Dutch army. Mayoor Verbruggen he met with a letter, accompanied by her mother. Apparently Mayoor Verbruggen is a former lover first time mother. Teto reason chose to become soldiers Netherlands Indies Civil Administration (NICA) is the latent anger to the Japanese who had forced her into concubinage. He also thinks that the people who are traitors against the Dutch, including the people of the Republic. Meanwhile, Atik was a nationalist girl who really hates Dutch people. In fact, he worked as a volunteer administration in an institution owned by the Indonesian government. Even so, Teto still love and respect Atik Atik father’s family, Antana.
When battles occur, and the Dutch finally defeated, after it left the country Teto Indonesia. He changed professions and became a computer expert to work as a production manager Pacific Oil Wells Company. At one point, Setadewa returned to Indonesia and unplanned he intends to attend exam Atik dissertation. In the event, he did not see Atik. That Atik and her husband, Janakatamsi, who visited Teto where he was staying. Atik Teto to take home to meet with Mrs. Antana, who then requested that Teto willing to be a brother to Atik. Finally, a fatal accident and Janakatamsi Atik, her husband, when they left for pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Mecca. The aircraft is boarded Martiair Jana Atik and crashed into a hill near Colombo, Sri Lanka. Be the first of their three children orphaned. Then consider a third Setadewa and Jana Atik child as his own children. Teto did not marry again. For him, enough to become Mrs. Antana mother and grandmother to three children. Baca lebih lanjut