Save The Whole Web Page with Mozilla

mozilla firefox

When we want to save a whole web page (not the entire content of the website), including the drawings and also keep the format or structure, usually can choose the Web option Complete the store. But despite being stored, this often can not be opened offline and its structure becomes chaotic.

Alternatively we can save the whole of a page with the format MHT (MHTML) and also Mozilla Archive Format (MAFF).

Saving a web page as a whole is sometimes very necessary, like for the offlline reopened, for reference or for various other purposes. In addition, the website usually read the whole page with pictures and with a view like the original would be more comfortable than just reading it in HTML format.

For users of Internet Explorer, since version 5 and above, users can save a whole web page, by selecting “Save as, then the option save as type select Web Archive, single file (. Mht). In this way a web page will be saved intact, including images and composition.

Such a way can also be done for the Opera web browser users (since Opera 9). so that a web page will be stored in one file only (including images and other components). This file is usually berekstensi. Mht or. Mhtml.

But because the format MHT / MHTML this menpunyai a clear standard, sometimes files are stored in one of the web browser could not be opened with other web browsers. And also not much that supports this format.
Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox users, with features of our luggage could not save a whole web page in a file such as Internet Explorer or Opera. But we can use additional tools (Add-on) whose name Mozilla Archive Format.

With Mozilla Archive Format, we can save a whole web page in a file only. We can choose 2 of the available formats, namely:

* MAFF (Mozilla Archive Format files). Web page (html, images, javascript, css) will be stored in one file only, which berekstensi. Maff.
* MHTML (Internet Explorer’s MHT). With this tool is also the option to save web pages in a format. Mht or. Mhtml.


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