Prevent stress comes in your life

Stress make your life suffer

Never be like this

Stress is a state of mind of the most popular in this century. Try to recall how many people you meet say that they are experiencing stress or maybe you yourself are experiencing?

Stress is not a disease, but if you can not handle it in a certain time, you will get a lot of health problems.

Here are 8 tips to overcome stress in your life:

1. Perform body massage (body massage), because the massage great for relaxation and blood pressure penormalan. After the massage, you will experience improved sleep quality which of course would be better to restore your fatigue.

2. Regular exercise is very important in combating stress. Exercising will mobilize our muscles, accelerate the flow of blood and opening the lungs for more oxygen mangambil. The impact you will get to sleep more soundly and better health.

3. Do your hobby, like fishing, hiking or whatever you prefer. You can also have an adventure you’ve never before experienced such example berarung rapids.

Doing activities like this can eliminate the thoughts that cause stress.

4. Many of the assumption that beer, wine or whiskey to relieve stress. In fact, water was the one who can relieve stress. Research shows that drinking a glass or 2 glasses of wine it can cause us to relax the time, but the after effects of alcohol disappear, stress is likely to wake you in the middle of the night.

By drinking plenty of water will help heal our bodies from lack of fluids, because dehydration can cause fatigue.

5. Meditate. Health experts say that a very powerful tool in overcoming stress is meditation. Meditation helps clear our minds and improve concentration. Has proven that meditation for 15 minutes the same way we rest for 1 hour. Although you only do meditation for 2 minutes, still be quite helpful.

Meditation will help you forget the things that can cause stress.

6. When a person experiences stress, a natural reaction if the person then takes it by consuming lots of food. You should know that eating foods that contain carbohydrates can increase insulin levels in the body, where insulin is able to make the body becomes tired and you become a bad mood.


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