Decision of the Supreme Court (MA) which asked the government to review the implementation of unas (national exam) raises the question whether unas next year (2010) still held or canceled. Responding to this, the Minister of National Education (the minister) Mohammad Nuh confirmed, the school should continue to prepare students to deal with UN 2010.

During”no final decision yet, unas preparation took place what it is. The school prepares students remained. The case later, less than a day implementation unas, and must be stopped because of this decision, yes we will obey,”he said.

Told reporters yesterday, Nuh again emphasized that the government’s attitude respecting the decision of the Supreme Court. ”But, until now only I have not seen and read sound decision,”he said when the news conference at the Education Ministry yesterday afternoon (26/11).

As reported, the Supreme Court decided to reject the appeal case filed unas government through the info registers numbered 2596 cases K/PDT/2008. Citizen lawsuits or citizen law suit was filed Kristiono terminated on 14 September.

The judges decided to grant the subsidiary claims of the plaintiffs and stated that the defendant RI president, vice president of Indonesia, the minister, and chairman of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) has been negligent in providing the fulfillment and protection of human rights of its citizens who become victims UN. In particular, the right to education and children’s rights.

The decision was also asked defendant improve teacher quality, the completeness of school facilities and infrastructure, and access comprehensive information on all areas, before issuing a policy UN further implementation. The defendant was also ordered to review the national education system. In addition, the judges sentenced the defendants to pay legal fees Rp 374,000.

Supreme Court’s verdict and to strengthen the High Court of DKI Jakarta on December 6, 2007 that also rejected government requests.

“We are fully compliant with the state agency’s decision and ready to run. Likewise, if no other legal recourse after the appeal was rejected. Because, according to legal experts, there are steps to apply PK (review),”Nuh pointed out. Therefore, when It filed warned PK and wait for the outcome of the decision.Nuh explains, the government tried to understand the appeal putusaan Supreme Court issued a decision related to the high court (PT) on May 3, 2007 and it was. There are six points decision. However, Nuh said, none of these points is called the ban digelarnya unas. “If you look at that decision (at the level of PT), not one word said about the conduct of government forbids unas,”explained Nuh.

There, Nuh said, the government asked to improve the quality of teachers, the completeness of school facilities and infrastructure, and access comprehensive information on all areas before implementing unas. Also ask the defendant”to take concrete steps in dealing with psychological and mental disorders learners by unas,”he said.

Related orders, Nh explained, Ministry of National Education has conducted a variety of teacher quality improvement. ”In three years it would have increased. Like, certification and provision of teachers’ welfare,”he said.

Similarly, improvement of school facilities and infrastructure. ”If you talk about quality, never finished. If teachers had S-1 of all, there will be demands to S-2. So, I never finished. Therefore, improving the quality of teachers continue to be done,”he said.

Psychological recovery related to students, said Nuh, the institute has issued Permendiknas No. 75/2009 on the national exam that regulate the re-examination. ”That is, it provides an opportunity to students who did not graduate to take the exam again and got a formal degree. If used, can only take the exam equality,”he explained.

Nuh added, following the decision of the Education Ministry would make changes related to the implementation unas 2010. ”The change was not because of the Supreme Court decision. But, part of the improvements that had been prompting complaints from the public,”said the former president of ITS. This was especially the improvement of the test.

Nuh insists, unas not the sole determinant of graduation. “Stay the decisive pass the school or teachers. That is, if there are students who scored 10, but according to his teacher’s students do not graduate, he did not graduate,” he said. Results unas, said Nuh, used among others for mapping quality of the education unit, selection into the next education level, the indicator providing assistance to schools, and determining graduation students.


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