We’ll never feel the school days are so familiar with daily routines that must be endured with patience and passion. Why should patiently and passionately?

This question we often do not realize when we’ve done but may not feel it or no notice. Try to count how many years we sat in school starting from kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school. Surely the time needed to travel all that is not short. Not like the PTC who had to wait for the ads each day. As humans we must have a sense of saturation in the face of a thing, especially in our daily lives in school. But please know that we can still pass by joking with our peers, or is there a spirit in the hearts for next school to a higher level which means vigorously. Passing through the teen years at school (especially at the high school class 12) is the perceived time passed very quickly. Meet friends the same and must have know the nature and character of each friend.

I’m too long-winded writing this article, I would actually consider this is the message given by the brother who had graduated from high school and middle school through the world, to his brother who will graduate from high school or still in high school 12th grade.

My brother is currently classified as newbie (new students) in one community college in Surabaya. He once told me that these days he experienced once during high school it will not be forgotten. It feels like drinking water that can eliminate the thirst for days without drinking again. He also said that pass last days in high school with good marks and fun as those who drove the nails in the wood that must be a trace. The former will never be lost even if the nail is in the pull of the wood. Therefore, make the former a very nice if someone had used it, that if the nail is embedded person will not feel hurt by it. In conclusion, the success of one is not entirely determined because the person is smart but also determined by his patience.



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      THank’s for your visit I hope we can go blogging together and make some technopreneur from blog like our TIK teacher.
      Go blogging for future,Super!

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