The trend pattern of unhealthy eating in urban communities are often associated with coronary heart disease dietary mistake because it does not imbalance the composition of food eaten. Fast food (fast food) are increasingly springing up in urban areas contains protein, fat, high carbohydrate, and vice versa fiber, vitamins and minerals is low. This may be the originator of the development of degenerative diseases, such as, hypertension, diabetes, and other vascular diseases. Urban lifestyle that is often under stress can also stimulate cardiac work and increase blood pressure. The habit was still aggravated by smoking.

Very large role in the emergence of a daily menu of coronary heart disease. The role that teacher anymore menu on the menu type of fat that raise the levels of blood lipids.

Lipid is triglycerides and cholesterol. The second cluster of this type of bad fats that form blockages “rust fat” on the walls of coronary arteries. Blockage of more than half the pipe cross-section of coronary artery will trigger coronary heart attack.

Heightened levels of fat in the blood does not always correlate with weight. If the inherited genes of high blood fat, thin, even though their blood lipid levels remained high. Conversely, the fat but good fat metabolism, blood lipids are not elevated. Omega-3 and omega-6 did not cause coronary heart disease, instead they belong to a healthy fat.

In addition, the risk of coronary heart disease caused by difiention Proline and amino acids lysine and vitamin C badly in the time period was never corrected even more suppressed by the wrong diet.
for example, small molecules cholesterol is oxidized in the blood, so it is not merely high cholesterol.
Then, high homocysteine levels are also oxidized in the blood. The cause of coronary heart disease also need to be careful, Why heart clot does not occur in food animals is still in accordance with the dignity and many are also evidence that indicates when the animal feed industry disrupted by technology, then human life is no longer the animal and cause the demise of long-similar to many human deaths, including cancer, viral infections and organ dysfunction.



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