In our daily lives, we often unknowingly trapped in the game “word”. As someone who is older and more experienced, often unconsciously become a barrier from the desire of the younger generation to do something beyond us.

With pride because it was experiencing and feeling alone, then the same size put on the younger generation. For example when we are not able to conduct business activities or business that was used as a worker or a chic with a term in the E quadrant according Kyosaki, then when our children try a new business, we do not have to directly say that would not be successful. Should we support and if necessary to prepare everything necessary to ensure the success of our children to live a life choice.

Many other examples, fierce power of a strong willingness to learn to move forward with a willingness to seize opportunities in front of the eyes and confidence strong that “I must be” proved able to change from the previous something virtually impossible becomes possible.

We’ll see on the TV show, for example in Indonesia Idol competition, how a person who was domiciled dipelosok distant unknown region and a nobody, suddenly due to endeavor that never gave up and dare to compete, eventually able to become someone famous having won the competition. Imagine, those who previously could only see luxury apartment without being able to touch it, now just stay and become part of the luxury apartment penguhi.

Other successes, such as that used TUKUL nobody, but with a persistent attitude, willingness to learn and build a broad network, eventually through the ‘four eyes’ became a star sebgai grow even recently won awards as a Comedian Panasonic Award favorite.

Back to the logic game of “word”, the line between something “impossible” and “might” be very thin, it only takes change and readiness for a change of ATTITUDE becomes “A Winner” with virtue will continue to be lifelong learners, willing to change and out of the comfort zone, persistent, consistent, honest, discipline and so on .. The motivation to win and realize the dream / Dream, making all the hard work and smart work rather than something heavy and a burden, but a challenge to make something full of enthusiasm to make previously “impossible” into “maybe”. Dream or a dream to win a change from “not possible” to “may” be able to remove any potential positive energy that seems like an endless flowing river continues to flow throughout the year despite the long dry season. People who have never and will not give up in fact have reached half way to success. Unfortunately, more people give up before the fight, or find a scapegoat for failure. And if we want a bit out of the box we thought (out of the box thinking), it will find a creative mind that can produce “ideas” that can eventually become a source of income and our success. Let us refer to biographies of successful people, how they get an original idea for refusing to give up and continue to seek solutions to the problem.

My friend taught if we are to succeed, then hang out with successful people and learn how to be successful, but if you want to fail to join with people who are lamenting the frustration of failure. Extreme liken my friends’ dogs can get along with fleas “, meaning back to our goal to become the winner will be smart in selecting community association living.

What often happens in the reality of life, someone had already surrendered before the finish line because it is not persistent in the face of suffering, ridicule, insults, taunts, and a myriad of other negative attitudes from the environment. Lack of stock of positive thoughts to counteract all the negative thoughts that come often make us stop in the middle of roads and panting burden that ultimately decided put the dream / dream of being perceived as a heavy burden.

Negative thoughts is very dangerous in life, because it creates a sense of pessimism, eliminate the sense of optimism, and results in a way that always looked dark and scary. Negative thoughts are like a drop of iodine is dropped in a glass of water that will make all the red and white water in the glass even though the volume is very small compared with only one drop of water which drops thousands junlahnya. So to clean it, the glass should be poured back with water so the colors red and white gradually became clear. This is the picture of how dangerous it is to maintain negative thoughts in our heads, because it can poison and make something that should probably be impossible.

Let us get into the habit of thinking positive to support the success of life.


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