The 5th Way Team Discusses Physical Fitness

It is Wendell’s first time with the 5th Way team at their gym. Let’s see what happens through Wendell’s eyes.

Addison: “Wendell, since this is your first time here I would like for you to just go around the gym observing what everyone is doing, then come to me last.”

Wendell: “Okay, Addison.”

Addison: “Alright, everyone have a great workout and I will see you in the dining area for refreshments afterwards.”

Wendell: Boy, this is so exciting. I can’t wait to see this! Hhhhmmmm… I think I will start with Zhi and work my way from there. There he is. Wow, Zhi is doing some kind of Tai Chi form. He is so graceful, so captivating to watch. I could sit here all day just watching him.


Ah, someone must be in the pool swimming. I will check it out. Oh my goodness, Waneta is naked in the pool!!! How embarrassing. (His face is turning red) I better get out of here before she catches me looking at her. I have to say she does seem to be in very good shape for her age though. Whew!

“Ooooosh…. Eeeyiii!!!”

What was that? Oh, Naruto and Catharsis are doing some kind of martial art. Wow, they are great…I can see why Naruto is in charge of security for the team. (laughing) Even when he is doing martial arts, Catharsis is a character! Well, I better move on and see what Kailoken is up to.

Hhhhmmmm…why Kailoken is just sitting there looking at the weights. “Sorry to disturb you Kailoken but are you not working out today?”

Kailoken: “Good timing on your part there. Would you please remove 20 pounds of weight off that bar for me?”

Wendell: “Why sure I will. Are you doing bench presses?”

Kailoken: “Actually, I am lifting the weight with my mind. It seemed a little heavy so I asked you to remove the extra weight.”

Wendell: (rolling his eyes) “Well, I will let you get back to your workout there. Talk with you later.” That Kailoken is a real nutcase. You never know what he is going to do. Okay, well, that leaves Addison… I better get on over there.

Addison: “Wendell, I see you have made the rounds already. As you can see I am in the middle of my aerobic workout. This Nordic Track gives a great workout. Why don’t you take about 25 minutes, get a good workout on your own and meet up with the rest of us later?”

Wendell: “Will do, Addison.”

— The team is forming up in the dining area—

Wendell: “Hello, everyone.” “Greetings” “Namaste” “Welcome” “As salaam alikum” “Aho”

Catharsis: “Did you get yourself a good workout there, Wendell?”

Wendell: “Yes, I did some yoga…it was quite peaceful and relaxing.”

Addison: “That is great; I highly recommend many forms of yoga. Go ahead and grab yourself some refreshment and join us around the table here… Now that Wendell is settled let’s see what you have observed today. Feel free to comment on and question everyone at the table on what he or she was doing for a workout. Everyone feel free to join in at any time.”

Wendell: “Since I started watching Zhi first, I would like to ask what form of Tai Chi you were doing? I mean, it looked so fluid whatever it was.”

Zhi: “Ah, very good. I was doing The Eight Treasures. It is a very ancient form of energy enhancement exercise, and is said to be at least six thousand years old. With this exercise I tone, strengthen, and stretch to maintain my good health and prevent disease.”

Wendell: “Can anyone do it? It looked so easy the way you were going through the motions.”

Catharsis: “Don’t let your perceptions fool you kid, Zhi has been doing those forms since he was a child. I would not be surprised if his parents started him off doing the moves while he was still in the womb! Heck, he probably even helped his mom do the flying dragon by lifting her off the ground a few inches with his movement from within.”

Zhi: “Ah, that’s a very interesting idea. The great thing about The Eight Treasures is that anyone at any fitness level can do them.”

Wendell: “I would like to learn that if you would teach me. And I would like to learn what Naruto was doing too. What kind of martial arts were you and Catharsis doing?”

Naruto: “It is called Ju Jutsu. I began learning this as a child in my homeland of Japan. With this form not only do you get a great workout, you can properly defend yourself and others.”

Addison: “I suggest that you start with one discipline and work at it until you have a solid grounding and then move on to another with the consultation of your instructors. Zhi would you be willing to take Wendell on as a student?”

Zhi: “I would be much honored to have new student. Wendell and I can talk about it later.”

Catharsis: “You know what’s scary to many people when they think of physical fitness? They think they will get hurt doing it. ‘I am not going to go running, what if I step on a rusty nail, what if a rabid chipmunk gets a hold of me?!'”

Addison: “Yes, people have fears about practically everything in life. Some people fear they will hurt themselves just getting out of bed in the morning. However, there are people that do hurt themselves while performing various types of physical exercise. These injuries are usually due to overdoing something or using a wrong technique.”

Catharsis: “Or, they beat each other to a pulp ‘playing’ rugby, football, etc.”

Naruto: “If people pay attention and have good instructor, then no problem. Staying physically fit is very important. Even the blessed Buddha say so.”

Waneta: “While many of my people have followed the white man into gluttony and physical laziness, physical fitness has been important to us for centuries. We like to run, swim, dance and play outdoor games.” Wendell’s face starts to turn red.

Catharsis: “Is something the matter there kid? You didn’t happen to catch Waneta swimming in the buff did you?” (laughing)

Wendell: “I, uh, yes. I am sorry Waneta for seeing you like that, I mean for invading your privacy.”

Waneta: “Boy, being naked is a natural thing and I am not ashamed of it. Just wait until you see me swimming in the moonlight!” Wendell’s face turns even redder and he looks down and away.

Addison: “Try not to let it bother you Wendell, we are all one happy family here. Many things you have been taught by society do not hold up as being true here. What did you observe Kailoken doing?”

Wendell: “Well, I did not observe him doing anything but sitting there. He did say he was lifting weights with his mind though.”

Catharsis: “That is great, how much did you manage to lift this time?”

Kailoken: “I managed to lift 200 pounds. I was taking it easy so as not to strain my mind.”

Addison: “What do you make of that Wendell?”

Wendell: “Well, uh…. I am not sure.”

Addison: “As is typical of my wonderful associate here, Kailoken was making a point that one can actually run through exercises using one’s mind alone. And, as most of us here know, when it is real to the mind, it affects the body as well. Many athletes actually use this technique to help perfect their performance. This is something that people who are bed-ridden and otherwise not able to do physical fitness that well can utilize to get some physical benefit. Those that are really out of shape can perhaps start imagining that they are doing the actual exercise within their minds and then move on to the real thing from there.”

Wendell: “That is very very interesting. I never thought of that before.”

Catharsis: “You know what I find weird about physical fitness? People who need it the most are the most resistant to doing it. It is like they fall into some black hole of atrophy and cannot break free. ‘Help me! Help me! Get me out of here, somebody!'”

Addison: “Yes, many people just do not seem to be able to break that inertia to begin getting started to a healthier state of being. That is why I suggest just gentle movement to start with. Walking, mental exercise, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Hatha Yoga, and swimming can all be good forms of gentle movement for most people at any age. 1.5 miles of walking has been shown to be as good as 1 mile of running, for instance.” “Okay, Zhi and Wendell can talk about Tai Chi instruction. May you all have a spiritually productive day. Love and Light to you.”

“Namaste” “Later, Addison” “Peace to you my friend” “I will catch up with you later, Addison”…

by: Addison C. Arthur
Copyright 2009 – Balance Integration Group. All rights reserved.

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Addison C. Arthur is a Spiritual Humorist. As such you will often find him combining spiritual insight with witty humor. He often engages his associates in discussions on a variety of topics to help bring a different viewpoint to his readers and listeners. Feel free to stop by the website to read more articles, sign up for a free monthly newsletter, and to listen to a future podcast:

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